With all the things I love in life, I had to categorize it down to some features that you could all count on, week to week. So here it goes, your five day weekly forecast....

Mondays- Tis the Season For
.... just fill in the blank! Images to show you what I feel is in season.

Tuesday- Designer's Corner
Paying some homage to my designer side! Check out my design-inspired finds to share with my fellow designers out there.

Wednesday- My Jewelry Box
If you didn't know by now, I love accessories. So come check out my latest finds! I love all that is sparkly!

Thursday- Shoe Love
Being a lover of all shoes, it only seems appropriate that I would have lots of shoe love to share with you! I'll share my latest fines and purchase with you all, as well as ask for advice- are those cute or am I crazzyy?

Friday- All About Me
Sharing a bit of my personal side, this feature showcases original thoughts and feelings of yours truly, Madalyn Marie.

Lusting After: Yep, you've got it! Items I'm currently lusting after. So keep checking in, there's sure to be some fabulous items that you might end up lusting after too!

Adventures in the Kitchen: Finally getting through the collection of recipes I've been gathering and finding out which ones are cook book worthy, and which ones aren't so worthy. Sharing new recipes with you along the way!

There of course are many things that interesting me; as you can see from my labels, so check back regularly to see what else I have to share!